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"What's all this noise?"

Percy Weasley stuck his head through the door, looking disapproving.

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Welcome to the journal of [personal profile] cecilegrey!

Living in the middle of cornfields gives me plenty of time for peaceful meditation, but also a BURNING NEED TO ESCAPE, so I turn to fandom. It began offline with Xena, eased online with Hey Arnold, and now I play primarily in BBC's Merlin and Harry Potter fandoms. Current TV shows that I watch casually are: Wentworth, Super Fun Night, Downton Abbey, Sleepy Hollow, and Almost Human.

I also obsessively consume crime documentary shows like I Survived, Stalked, Disappeared, Surviving Evil, etc.

Compartmentalization Privacy is something I value, so I don't go into detail about RL. I enjoy general discussions, reccing fandom things, writing poetry and fic, and some graphic making. My journal is mostly unlocked. I am a bit of a commitaphobe, so I don't do a lot of festing.

Shifting moods lead me to a lot of different pairings and genres, but some which I return to repeatedly are: angst, darkfic, hurt/comfort, Merlin/Arthur, Harry/Draco, and Fandom AUs.

I am over age 18. I prefer new friends to be 18 or older as well. New friends are always welcome, just leave me a hello somewhere. :D

Dreamwidth vs. Livejournal: Both this journal and my LJ are active (I tend to go back and forth for random periods of time). They have limited cross-posting between them because I don't like cross-posting much. Fanworks are usually the exception. If you'd like to follow this journal on your LJ f-list, here is the mirror journal: [ profile] cecilegrey_dw!

Transformative Works Policy: Anyone interested is welcome to create transformative works of my fanworks, but only if you inform me as soon as it's online. Transormative works include: fanart, podfic, translations, remixes, sequels, gif sets. The only thing I can think of that I would be uncomfortable with is a fanmix.

Disclaimer: I don't hold the rights to any of the media canons present in this journal. Harry Potter belongs to WB, Merlin belongs to BBC, and Hey Arnold belongs to Nickelodeon. I make no profit from my fanworks.

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